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Top 7 Tips for Landscaping Your Front Yard

Jan 25, 2018 by Tim Patrick Category: Uncategorized 0 comments

Top 7 Tips for Landscaping Your Front Yard

Whether your front yard is small or big, there is a lot you can easily do to enhance its overall appearance. Landscaping is a very rewarding and entertaining activity that you can DIY especially if you like gardening.

There’re limitless ways through which you may landscape your front yard according to its size, your preferences, place of residence, and more. Here are the top 7 ideas for landscaping the front yard.


  1. A Captivating Entrance

If your yard has limited space, and you still wish to get a landscaping idea to capture the attention of visitors and your neighbors, then you should focus on your home’s entrance.

For instance, you can select one corner along the entrance and fill it with flower pots and climbing flowers to decorate the wall. You can also try different decorative items.

Having several flower pots with different varieties of flowers match perfectly. Moreover, planting climbing clematis or confederate jasmine is ideal for adorning the front window and the wall.

Their white and tiny flowers give the entire yard a fairytale appearance. You can even leave watering cans in the open. They add a vintage like feel when left in the open.

Even though the entrance may appear somehow crowded, as long as you will arrange everything to complement and match with each other, then you will have made the entrance a great focal point on your landscape.  


  1. Roses and Shrubs

garden maintenance deadheadingThis landscaping idea for decorating the front yard is most ideal for homes with larger gardens and homeowners who can spend more time working on it.

A combination of rose bushes with shrubbery is absolutely adorable and you would surely love it. It works best when the lawn has a neat cut and where there is a path along which you can walk besides the shrubs and roses.

Such shrubs look very neat and symmetrical when well-tended to, contrary to the exuberant rose bushes. You can also add some other varieties of flowers within the two. However, allow the roses and shrubs to feature as the centerpiece of your landscape.

Shrubs lack color and this makes them balance well with the different colors that come with roses. Thus, you will get a design that balances perfectly between symmetry and beauty. It is also worth mentioning that adding a wooden bench that is painted white at the area where the path ends would even improve the look of your yard further. This will be a perfect area for resting and admiring the view of your landscape.

  1. Making a Stone Pathway

Landscape GardnerIn case you are worried that your yard is not big enough for many landscaping ideas, it doesn’t mean that its look cannot be made better. Sometimes, you would only have to use simple tricks to give it an unforgettable design. For example, you can simply create a pathway using stones.

A path that leads from the gate of your yard to the front door would be a great idea. You can plant different flower varieties along either sides of the path to make it more attractive.

You can give the path a better look by designing it using more than one type of stone. Arrange the stones in a manner that makes them look like they have been there for a long time and not as if you placed them on the path for a certain purpose, says James Collins, an experienced landscaper in Sydney.

Such a special design would give your front facing yard an effortless charm. Using varied flowers along the path would also help with the entire look of your yard. It would give an impression of a well-designed path that can make anyone stumble upon.

This landscaping idea is ideal for homeowners who like a more rustic and unrefined look, unlike a structured one.  


  1. A Shaded Seating Space

Any homeowner who loves trying out new landscaping design ideas would surely love setting up a seating section at their front yard. Not everyone has enough space for setting up one. Hence, homeowners who have enough space should surely try this landscaping idea.

Setting up an area where you will be spending time during sunny afternoons while sipping cold drinks or reading your favorite book would be very satisfying. You can plant something for shading the entire seating area to protect you from the scorching sun.

For instance, setting up an arch at the new seating area and covering the area with trumpet vine works well. Trumpet vine gives thick shade whereas the arch supports the vines while still separating the seating section from the garden.

You may use the furniture of your choice depending on the look you want. You can add square shaped stones to create a very interesting pattern on your lawn.


  1. An Effortless Path

In case you like the idea of a stone pathway, then you will probably love creating an effortless path. It is actually easier to create one and make it look like you took it from the landscape of woodlands.

To make a wild path on your garden, all you will need is giving the front yard time for growing wild. For instance, you should avoid attending to the yard excessively. In case you fail to get the results you wanted, try planting ryegrass seeds to stimulate it.

The glass will multiply fast and upon getting the result you want, you can now use your mower to create a path. Mow the area regularly to maintain an effortless look. This landscaping idea is great for it will save you time.

You may even let weeds grow freely within the grass. After all, this idea works best when you don’t give the yard that perfect look.


  1. A Bare Land

Combining different varieties of flowers and shrubs is another great landscaping idea for the front yard. Planting them on a bare land makes the design more attractive. Here, the term bare land means that you should eliminate everything around the plants, no matter how small some grass leaves might be.

This will ensure your plants are standing out, especially those with colored flowers. Moreover, you will have created an easily noticeable pattern on your yard.

You can make your yard more appealing by planting in groups such that your choice of plants are well grouped depending on their variety while ensuring that they are not entirely symmetrical. You can even set two shrubs that are taller than the rest at your entrance to give your stairs an imposing look.

Such an idea is relatively similar to setting pink flowers at a corner to make the whole landscape slightly romantic and tamer.


  1. A Decorative Fence

If you already have a front yard surrounded by a fence, why not use some roses to decorate it? This way, you will enhance the overall look of the yard upon decorating the fence. A great thing about this design idea is that it doesn’t require too much effort.

You will simply adorn the fence using colorful flowers. Lavender and pink roses go well on fences, but you can use any type of flowers you like.

Here, the trick is planting the flowers closest to your fence and allowing them to freely grow between the fence planks.  In case you choose to plant pink roses, it would be ideal to paint the fence white.

Doing so will give everything a fairytale and romantic look. The design does not have to stop here. You can also include lavender to give an amazing smell that as a relaxing effect.


In Summary

Making the landscape of your front yard attractive is not really difficult. From the ideas in this article, it is something you can DIY and have fun doing it. All you will need is having some patience, being creative, and being passionate about making the front yard unique and attractive.

Even if your front yard has limited place, you will still find an ideal idea for the little space you have amongst these tips. There’re many ideas you can rely on to enhance the look of your small yard and make it shine.

There’re limitless ways of landscaping large yards. Hence, every home that has a front facing yard can get a good landscaping design suitable for its size.

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