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Spring Gardening in Auckland

Sep 28, 2017 by Tim Patrick Category: Uncategorized 0 comments

Spring is here and so is the continual wet weather, which is great for the gardens-I was really hoping to put away my webbed feet this month!! However, we landscape gardeners must soldier on as there is plenty to do in our gardens as temperatures become mild and the days longer!

In this addition of Gold Leaf’s Garden Gram we look at planting ideas for your section, things to do in the garden this spring, a Greenlane formal front garden and of course our plant of the month- the romantic-scented Michelia yunnanensis…

Garden Contours

Pearcy Garden, Titirangi

Following council consent and the removal of an overbearing and unsightly Cedar, we were able to implement planting plans for this Titirangi section we designed last year. To create privacy and aesthetics we have created large planting mounds which are featured in the picture below. Throughout these we have used a selection of New Zealand native plants and indigenous Auckland basalt rocks. Large native specimens were also planted to ensure we met council consent.

Wilson Garden, Meadowbank

Permission from the council granted Greg Wilson free-rain of this unsightly front verge of his Meadowbank property. Following a brief consultation with Greg early this year we came up with the idea to use large grassed mounds to create a feature of his front boundary and set off his house behind. After leaving Paul for a few hours on the digger and a pile of good quality south Auckland topsoil he had removed the declining patch of woody hebes and replaced them with three beautifully sculptured planting mounds. We then completed this landscape transformation with three specimen Olives and a hydoseeded tall fescue lawn…

Greenlane formal garden

When presented with the front section of this beautiful Greenlane Villa it was a chance for us to do something more formal and traditional. Our concept was based on a series of intersecting rectangles which is reflected in the form of the plants we have chosen. This garden is complete with a fully automated irrigation system and stainless steel outdoor lighting to light up front entrance steps and large specimen Cedar -once a real eyesore but now a pleasant feature of the front garden.

This garden also features macrocarpa edging and planters and exposed aggregate concrete pads installed to give a floating effect between the newly installed rye lawn. Ficus ‘hilli’ will be trimmed to create formal standards for the front boundary and a pleached hedge to screen neighbours on the western boundary.

Plant of the Month

Michelia Yunnanensis

Have the sweet scent and beautiful flowers of Michelia Yunnanensis in your garden this spring. This small tree is easy to grow as long as provide it with plenty of shelter and deep watering in the summer.

It’s beautiful, highly scented flowers open from velvety buds l ate winter too early spring covering the tree from head to toe . The devine sweet scent exudes from this plant providing a pleasant surprise to passers by in the garden.

This versatile plant can be used on mass to create a formal hedging, can be topiaried or left to grow as a small bushy tree. It is lovely deep green, glossy foliage which complements its white magnolia shaped flowers.

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