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North Shore Landscaping Project

North Shore Landscaping Project

In these uncertain times our homes have become an even more important ‘safe haven’ for our families to work, rest and play.

Paramount to this is to have suitable spaces to carry out these activities, especially in extended periods of lock down!

Likewise, the functionality and feel of our home environment becomes so important for our family’s wellbeing and lifestyle

As a landscape design and build company we essentially sell lifestyle and our mantra is to create these spaces for you personally.

Whether this is to create a suitable patio area in which to host family and friends, a new flat lawn so kids can play safely or just screening out unsightly neighbouring views from your property.

Whatever your wants and needs may be, we will listen, come up with practical and creative solutions and bring your dreams into reality!

To illustrate this, I would  like to case study a recent project North Shore landscaping project we completed at the end of 2019

North Shore Landscaping Townhouse

One of my long standing clients recently purchased a new town house in Auckland’s North Shore. For a very active family of 5 with pet dog Rocky (aka the escape artist), this property presented a number of issues to my client.

The Property, landscaped in the 1990s was unplanned, tired, over grown and lacked suitable spaces for kids to play. With two avid football players who hankered to practice goal shots at home, the current layout of the section just didn’t cut the mustard.

For the Adults, used to alfresco living, there was nowhere suitable to BBQ, entertain, let alone put a spa pool. A small rectangular concrete paved space could barely even accommodate outdoor furniture. A separate patio area lacked linkage to the house and provided no screening from the road whatsoever

And not to mention Rocky ‘the escape artist’, who at every opportunity would use the current fencing to leap over the boundary and take off, leaving my client casing him for hours in the nearby streets of Auckland’s North Shore

So what did we do to solve these issues


  • Open up lawn area
  • Improve boundary screening
  • Add two new Patio area to accommodate seating, outdoor fire and spa pool
  • New Lawn for Kids to play on
  • Improve overall aesthetics of property
  • Secure Rocky the Dog (aka escape Artist)
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This site presented tight access through a 900mm gate and tight spaces for excavation. All material had to be bought in and out of this narrow access point.

Wet weather encountered during the course of the project also made excavation and working with power tools challenging

In addition existing site levels had to be brought down more than originally planned to make finished ground heights compliant with modern building code


Finished Project

The result was the construction of a new boundary timber fence, two wide board kwila decks with floating step access, spa pool pad and installation, new Game On Summer prestige artificial lawn, boundary screening using Ficus tuffi, Olive ‘elgreco’ and Magnolia. The gardens were also fully irrigated with microjet irrigators driven by a Hunter node controller


North Shore Landscaping Project


Tim and I had a vision for what the garden could like which evolved over time. We’re delighted with the transformation and the great use of space.  Even with a few extensions the project was delivered on time and within the budget that we agreed. Amazingly for not a large space we’ve ended up with three distinct zones that work really well for all the family. 

28 April 2020