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Garden Maintenance Tips for Busy Aucklanders

Us Kiwi’s love to get stuck into our own home improvement projects. Whether it’s building a deck, fixing our car or putting on the gloves and doing a bit of gardening.

Oftentimes we don’t have the time nor the patience to do all the things that need to be done around the house. So here a list of 13 garden maintenance tips you can do quickly that won’t cost the earth


No garden maintenance list will be complete without mentioning the most important of them all; water!. Check your irrigation and ensure your garden is getting enough water especially in the dryer, hotter months. Use a timed sprinkler that are available at all god gardening stores so you don’t have to remember

garden maintenance watering
garden maintenance pest control


Check for pests and incorporate a regular spray programme. This will protect against things like mites, white fly. Choose a reputable company like Kiwicare Organic Super Sulphur; first after leaf fall and again in late winter before new growth appears.


Using a good quality mulch can be applied to the surface of the soil, the main reasons for this is to preserve and lock in moisure which improves the life and health of the soil. Check out this article from Palmers for more information on mulching

garden maintenance mulching
garden maintenance deadheading


Removing the faded or dead flowers from plants is a term us green fingered folk call Deadheading . It’s use is generally done both to maintain a plant’s appearance and to improve its overall performance. More information on how to do this, see gardening knowhow

Lawn Mowing

As a kid I’ve always set the mower lever as close to the ground as possible, a bit like when I get a haircut from the barbers. However, if you want to keep moisure levels high and pests at bay, especially during the hot months. It is best to keep the leve has high as possible, this promotes good health and circulation

garden maintenance lawn mower


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herbicide garden maintenance

Pre Emergent Herbicide on Hard Surfaces

Don’t be put off by the name, Pre-emergence weed killers are typically used to prevent weeds showing up in your garden and especially on hard surfaces. We’ve all seen them around and regularly get down and pick them out. They can be stopped with pre-emergent herbicides that doesn’t interfere with the growing of other plants


Newly planted trees well staked to prevent wind rock. The plant should be tied with  between the tree and the stake. The reason for this staking of trees is provide protection to the damage of the trunk

garden maintenance staking newly plantned
garden maintenance hedging


Regular trimming of hedges to keep shape and keep in check. It’s easy to let these get out of hand before you roll the extension cord out and start hacking away at it. Try to set a time every 2 weeks to give it a little trim or time it in with the other tips on this page

Season Annuals

Add some season annuals to add colour. Annuals are used typically as borders and in containers to add colour to your overall garden. They have an instant impact on the overall look and feel of a garden that are easy to install and low maintenance

annuals garden maintenance picture

Remove Laterals

Snipping the laterals in tomato plants will stimulate better fruiting. Check this video out on how to do it


Adding a compost bin for vegetable and certain food leftovers, is great for when you’re ready to put on your garden. Bunnings do them for as little as $44 andAdd some season annuals to add colour. Annuals are used typically as borders and can go up to $400 – Careful with putting in meat or chicken scraps as this can attract rodents

garden maintenance compost bin
garden maintenance auckland fungal attack

Fungal Attack

Check for lawn fungus. Ever seen that brown looking lawn especially around summer time in NZ? We usually think it’s just dry and it’s summer, often times our lawn is being attacked by fungus, this can be treated with the help of some expert advice. Identification is the first step before going down to the local garden centre and buying up a cure.

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